Штампованный английский – 8

В магазине


Do you have… ? / Have you got… ? (второй вариант лучше использовать в Британии, чтобы ваш вопрос прозвучал именно как «У вас есть…», а не «У вас бывает…»)

Where can I find… ?

I’m just browsing.

I’m looking for…

How much is this?

Is this on sale?

Can I try it on?

I’ll take it!

Do you take credit cards?

I’d like to return / exchange this.





I’m starving!

Let’s grab a bite to eat.

How about eating out tonight? (в смысле «сходить в кафе или ресторан»)

I brought some snacks.

This (+ блюдо) is delicious!

Could I have another helping of… (+ блюдо)? (здесь helping = порция)

I’ll have… (при заказе в ресторане)

Could we get the check, please?

I’m full. (в смысле «я наелся»)

I’m stuffed. (в смысле «я переел»)





Where’s the remote?

Is there anything good on?

Can I change the channel?

I’ve already seen this episode.

This is a rerun. (rerun = повторный показ)

I love this show!

There are too many commercials.

Stop channel-surfing.

Check the TV guide.

It’s the season finale!



В аэропорту


Do you have any bags to check?

Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat? (aisle = проход)

Here’s your boarding pass.

Your flight leaves from gate 15.

Your seat number is 8F.

Flight 123 is now boarding. (boarding = посадка в самолёт)

Your flight has been delayed.

Your flight has been canceled.

This is the final call for flight 123.

What is the purpose of your trip?





It cost a fortune.

It cost an arm and a leg.

That’s a rip-off. (в смысле «обдираловка»)

I can’t afford it.

That’s a bit pricey.

That’s quite reasonable.

It’s 20% off. (в смысле с 20% скидкой)

That’s a good deal. (в смысле «по такой цене сойдёт»)

It was a real bargain.

It was dirt cheap. (в смысле «совсем дешёвка»)



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